From the Kardashian/Jenner clan to the Hadids and all your favourite fashion influencers,Vintage luxury fashion has been quite the consistent theme, and for plenty of good reasons.We are breaking down why vintage designer is superior.

Buying vintage anything really has some exclusivity to it where you are not competing with the over consumption that is retail.You might stumble upon someone with an identical piece and usually they have as good a taste as yours or you just might enjoy the exclusivity of flaunting a rare bag or shoe from decades ago that's no longer in production.

The fashion industry is the third largest polluting industry in the world.There's an urgency to change the way we approach consumption and adapt circularity and sustainability to the extent that we can.Buying and selling second hand is one way for us to contribute to circularity by consuming what's already in rotation.

There's something really beautiful about doning a fashion item with a story to tell,be it years of moving around the world or reminiscent of a time your favourite fashion designer was at the realm of a fashion house and how they helped revolutionise fashion in your eyes.We have an affinity for 90s/early 2000s Tom Ford at Gucci and John Galliano at Dior amongst others,we could have been teenagers or mere kids when the pieces debuted but now we get to appreciate and access an era of fashion we could have lacked out of.

Vintage luxury and preloved luxury as a whole allows us to bag a bargain on items we might have otherwise paid full price at retail.Why pay full price when you could let somebody else do it for you?

It is common consensus that Luxury fashion houses just don't do it like they used to anymore.The quality has gone down and the prices have gone up due to pressure in meeting demand and higher costs of production,we are getting cheated on value.Vintage designer items were just built to last which is not something that we can often say about most current retail.Chanel for example,used to produce their bags in a high quality supple lambskin and finish off their gold hardware in actual gold plating, this all ceased in 2008 with customers now complaining of the clear difference in quality and more than a hundred percent price increase since then.

 Regardless of what motivates you when buying vintage luxury fashion, it's evident that this movement is here to stay and not merely a fad and we are here for it!


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