Whether buying retail or shopping for a gem in the secondary market, it's always an exciting time getting to finally buy your dream designer bag.We are here to guide you on some of the things to consider in order to make an informed decision.

1.Budget;regardless of what your budget is, the market is full of options to fit different bills.This could work as a guide into whether you are looking to splurge a little on retail, or look for a good deal in the secondary markets.When it comes to the preloved market, you can always bet on finding a steal.Be it buying current retail pieces from sellers looking to dispose off their items, or a vintage gem from two decades ago.A budget of under or slightly above a thousand dollars is guaranteed to get you your dream bag.On the other hand, when shopping retail, there is not much of a wiggle room as a decent designer bag in this day begins at two thousand dollars onwards.All in all, your budget will be your guide.

2.Lifestyle; when making your first designer bag purchase, it is important to factor in your every day use as you do want to get as much use out of your item as possible considering the value.A work bag for example, would preferably be a roomy, well structured, top handle bag such as the Saint Laurent sac de jour or the large size Prada galleria, which is quite easy to get at a good deal in the secondary markets.Similarly, if you are after an every day bag, a medium to small shoulder bag will suffice.A good example of this would be a vintage Gucci Jackie or a more recent style; a medium size Loewe puzzle.

3.Personal style; it's important to of course pay attention to what styles and luxury brands speak to your personal style. Be it elegant, chic or street style, there are various handbags that best work with each style.A Prada hobo, or a Fendi baguette for example, are suitable for street style lovers whereas, a classic Chanel bag works best to add a touch of elegance.Factoring your personal style will ensure that you stay true to who you are as opposed to jumping on trends as well as get the most wear out of your purchase.


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